If you are interested in attending EDA Study Tour, don’t let another day goes by because the registration will close on 25 March and places are limited.

EDA Study Tour is proving very successful and delegates of companies around the world have already registered to take advantage of this opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of one of the leading countries in construction and demolition techniques and products.

This is a unique opportunity to visit several leading-edge construction and demolition equipment manufacturers and see activities of demolition, decommissioning and C&D recycling from a different perspective.

EDA delegation will be able to get to know Japanese manufacturers and contractors closely, thanks to our hosts and our partners (EU-Japan CIC and JDCA) who will share with us their knowledge and experience.

The tour will end with a conference at Europa House, Delegation of the European Union to Japan, on 24 May, where EDA, JDCA and EU- Japan CIC will be involved in two conference sessions to share common ground in the demolition sector in Europe and Japan.

Find out more about the activities and the program: www.europeandemolition.org/events/special-activities/japan2019/program

 Registration: www.europeandemolition.org/events/special-activities/japan2019/registration

Promotional video: www.europeandemolition.org/events/special-activities/japan2019

We look forward to meeting you in Japan!

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